Ball-Jointed Dolls

Ball-Jointed Doll Manufacturing/Production…Yea, we do that!

Sorry, but due to a few inquiries, we feel it’s important to state this upfront that TORK doesn’t offer any sculpting services. What we can do here is production of your sculpted doll components. All of the information regarding that is listed below. Thanks.

If you’re an artist and you sculpt ball-jointed dolls, and would like to get your creation produced, we here at TORK have the experience and knowledge to get your ball-jointed doll produced in a timely manner, and at a fair price.  We can also do productions for resin kits, models, and garage kits. Here’s a bit if information about us.

> TORK has made molds and done casting for ball-jointed doll artists.

> TORK has over 20 years of combined experience in mold making techniques & knowledge of materials

>We are set up for short or long run production

>We have a state of the art injection machine, making the casting more efficient.

>Knowledge and experience to match or create most any color

>We work directly with you, the artist, to make the best product possible.

>The client’s privacy is a top priority.

> We handle all original ball-jointed doll components with the utmost care.

>We have competitive pricing on mold-making & casting

>Turn around is 6 – 8 weeks or quicker

>Your ball-jointed doll will be produced here in Columbus, Ohio USA.

> We’re easy to work and talk with….really, we wouldn’t just make this up.

If your serious or curious email or give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you, and answer your questions.


Tony Ball via

Unassembled and unpainted ball-jointed doll we did for a former client.

Disassembled and unpainted ball-jointed doll we did for a former client.

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