TORK ULO (Unidentified Lighted Object)

You can own a piece of TORK history by buying one of these fresh lights.


ULO hiding in it’s box

Fresh triangular box

Isn’t it cute? It’s free…w/purchase of course!

Well, as you can see above (light kit not shown), the ULO is a unique piece of work. Cast in resin and available in a number of colorways, it comes in a fresh triangular box and you even get a cool sticker. You can own one of these for a mere $10 (+S&H)

To keep it interesting we’ll pick the color(s) for you, but be rest assured, if you order more than one, no two will be the same. Cool? So just contact us via our email address below if you happen to be interested and we’ll go from there.

Email us using this address>

Thanks – The TORK Crew

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